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08 Jul 2014
Ordinary light is polarized cheap Ray Bans light nature, because photons in a random way, while the reflected light for horizontal polarization of polarized light. Polarized lens is the only way to prevent horizontal polarization axis ray irradiation and fix on its light lens, cheap ray ban sunglasses straighten out all of the sun rays, so that it is only on the horizontal axis through the lens. This is why only a single light reaches our eyes, and any other reflective glare will be cut off. In Zeiss polarized lens filter, we can see through the reflected light source ray ban sunglasses cheap point, thus obtain a clearer vision.

Sunglasses, cool sunglasses cheap ray ban glasses also is very beautiful, fashionable charm of dress without sunglasses ornament, but is not who wear will be very beautiful, people wearing beautiful does not mean that will suit you well. A different face to match with different frames.

People square face shape,cheap Ray Bans sunglasses  may not be fit to pick a prism glasses worn with horns, or you might want to count your face there are a few multilateral type. (hello!) Border color to darker colors also has a better choice.


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